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aut insanit homo, aut versus facit: the fellow is either mad or he is composing verses -- Horace

ت • irish gaelic • gently pierced • a little bit pervy • utterly poetic • • breakfast foodie • animal-rescuer • lightly inked • writer • • grammar nazi • ginger • • constant thinker • ninja • odd duck • baker • lover of swedish fish, zombie & horror movies, jon stewart, ♪ ♫ ♪, vampires, werewolves, flavoured waters & spicy food who has an insatiable curiosity and tends to look for the things that are hidden •

I'm constantly thinking. . .normal, complicated, every day, day to day stuff; my brain is always engaged. Makes for a lot less sleep than I'd like and sometimes in conversation (or even when we're enjoying the quiet) saying really random stuff at odd times.

I'm curiously confused, untrusting, unwavering, doggedly loyal, fiercely protective, expressively passionate, a whole lot pervy and an insanely stubborn tomboy with a healthy dose of girlish femaleness and a tendency to cuss a bit more than I should and have what is probably an unhealthy addiction to Starbucks. I also tend to repeat myself sometimes.

I have a moderate form of S.A.D. (Social Anxiety Disorder)--which I often refer to as being almost debilitatingly shy, but with those that I know and talk to regularly, I'll talk your ear off.
the vampire diaries the walking dead true blood supernatural teen wolf bates motel cello music apples mission to marzipan ice-cream (ben & jerry's) lemon yoghurt the cw & a&e channels latin freshly laundered sheets classic literature over-sized/over-stuffed chairs cashmere bath gel & body lotion the colours purple, silver, indigo, crimson, onyx & malachite picnics coastlines curry abandoned buildings bubblebaths for 2 chocolate riesen starbucks (tall, skinny peppermint mocha, xtra peppermint, xtra chocolate, no whip plz&thkyew)
liars, hypocrites, thieves, racists, sambuca, liver, sushi, seafood of any kind, lima beans, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, beets, right-wing, left-wing, politicians & politics in general, sloppy judges, right lane drivers who drive in the left lane, animal cruelty & those who prey on the weaker/helpless
Name: ruari (Nickname: rawr)

Semantics: late-twenties, 5'3" 128lb quirky redhead with grey-blue/green eyes (central heterochromia) who is darkly pale/lightly tanned and has been softly inked and gently pierced & scattered generously with freckles & I'm told I have little feet

Random quote: you're gonna burn, calling my name

Prefers: being barefoot, the book to the movie, extra cheese, to be hurt with the truth, yoga shorts to pants, the company of animals to most people, dessert before dinner, sundays in bed, jeans and tees to dressing up, water versus land, and medium rare ribeye.

Believes in: committing random acts of kindness; never being afraid to tell someone (even a stranger) that they're beautiful or that they've inspired you; that the universe reveals secrets if you listen hard enough to hear them; that experiences are worth far more than things; that large kitchens, over-sized bathtubs and wooden floors should come with every house; that hugs can heal; that redheads are descended from cats.
I'm a writer by birth, though not yet for profit. I'm always thinking, always scribbling something down whether it's lines of songs on scented parchment or random bits of brilliance on bubblegum wrappers.

I'm American even though quite often my writing reflects someone who seems British or perhaps Irish, (as I am -- my family hails from Ireland) as I use a lot of u's and terminology more associated with those who live across the pond. Truthfully, my language is all my own -- bastardized American English and the Queen's English as well as my own made-up words all intermingling in a way that I hope is more charming than frustrating. I blame my American schooling and my very early introduction and love of classic literature especially the Brontë sisters, Keats, Kipling, Austen and of course Shakespeare.

After reading a half dozen Twilight fanfics, I decided to see what else was out there and to my complete fangirlish surprise, I was able to find Southern Vampire Mysteries (AKA True Blood), The Vampire Diaries and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sadly, I've recently found that FF.Net seriously SUCKS for reasons pertaining to hypocrisy, site integrity and a general lack of respect towards authors & readers alike, which brings me here to livejournal, as I've already had tonnes of experience with it and I'm not limited by someone telling me what I can, and cannot, write. I now have my writing organized into one community, (or I will soon as I'm still organizing and this is my personal journal). For my TVD/SPN/BtVS/TB/TW fanfic go here -->> bloodnocturne

NOTE: I ofttimes wrote under the nickname of Ginger Youngblood (a nod to my hair colour and a translated family name) but as of 2014 I'll be using the name Arizona Dodge (a nod to my Dad) and most everything I've written has been copyrighted (where you see the © tag) so please do not think for one second that it is ok to plagiarize me or even copy and repost anything without my written permission, even the pieces written using other established literary characters, (the storyline/idea is protected by copyright -- click here for copyright laws).
I don't really have a friending policy. If we have things in common or you just enjoy what I write, then by all means, feel free to add me. I tend to add most people back if we have enough in common or if we've chatted some. Also, if you're brave enough, come find me on Twitter (the link is above and below) or e-mail me. I'll always reply in turn.
You can find me on Twitter here: @RuariCavanaugh and here: @BloodNocturne

15 Minute Exercise

01.Artful 02.Breathless 03.Candlelit 04.Cashmere 05.Confusion
06.Crushed 07.Deign 08.Delectation 09.Disparage 10.Fixated
11.Gratifying 12.Haphazard 13.Haze 14.Intensity 15.Intrepid
16.Languid 17.Loquacious 18.Lush 19.Meticulous 20.Mist
21.Murky 22.Nape 23.Narcissus 24.Navel 25.Observe
26.Palpitate 27.Paradigm 28.Petrified 29.Perpetual 30.Possessive
31.Quizzical 32.Rapacious 33.Raunchy 34.Redefined 35.Relish
36.Sensual 37.Shadows 38.Sigh 39.Succumb 40.Tendency
41.Threshold 42.Turpitude 43.Twilight 44.Vanilla 45.Vivacious
46.Voracious 47.Whiskey 48.Whisper 49.Wisdom 50.Writing

10,000 for 100 Exercise

01.Ache 02.Alcohol 03.Animal 04.Anniversary 05.Aristocrat
06.Bayou 07.Blood 08.Book 09.Bound 10.Breath
11.Candles 12.Cemetary 13.Coffee 14.Confession 15.Compulsion
16.Darkness 17.Daydream 18.Depravity 19.Desperation 20.Dilettante
21.Dreams 22.Elegy 23.Emotion 24.Enemy 25.Erotic
26.Execrable 27.Faded 28.Familiar 29.Fantasy 30.Fire
31.Flowers 32.Friend 33.Future 34.Gaucherie 35.Gift
36.Grasping 37.Gravity 38.Hair 39.Hard 40.Hate
41.Holidays 42.Hunger 43.Ignight 44.Introspection 45.Isolation
46.Jaded 47.Joule 48.Juxtaposition 49.Kink 50.Kissing
51.Knees 52.Lake 53.Letter 54.Lonely 55.Love
56.Lust 57.Mettle 58.Miasma 59.Midnight 60.Moon
61.Music 62.Mythology 63.Need 64.Night 65.Nightmares
66.Philanthropy 67.Pictures 68.Popsicles 69.Preponderate 70.Prosaic
71.Quiet 72.Quiver 73.Rain 74.Raspberries 75.Regicide
76.Regret 77.Repugnance 78.Romantic 79.Scent 80.Sex
81.Shoulders 82.Silence 83.Skin 84.Soft 85.Stain
86.Succulent 87.Tenacity 88.Time 89.Tomorrow 90.Transcendent
91.Verity 92.Vernacular 93.Volatile 94.Wanton 95.Warm
96.Wind 97.Winter 98.Years 99.Yellow 100.Yesterday

adele, alfred tennyson, american football, anaïs nin, animals, autumn, b&d, bach, ballycotton island, bath and body works, being barefoot, biting, blindfolds, blue october, bookstores, breakfast, bubble baths, buffy the vampire slayer, candlelight, cashmere, cello music, cemeteries, children's laughter, chocolate almond biscotti, chocolate fudge cake, claiming of sleeping beauty, classic literature, clawfoot bathtubs, colourful gardens, conversation, cooking, crushed velvet, cute panties, dancing in the rain, dark chocolate, demons, dragonflies, eating with your fingers, eggs and bacon, england, english cottages, epic poetry, erotica, exotic flowers, exploring ruins, farmers markets, finding constellations in freckles, fitted hoodies, foreplay, french toast, frozen lemonade, fucking, gabriel garcia marquez, gardening, green apples, hammocks, hedonism, henry miller, homemade wine, hunters, indian food, ireland, italy, kick-boxing, kissing for hours, knee-high socks, laughter, lazy sundays in bed, learning, led zeppelin, lemon custard, libraries, lots of pillows, meditation, miles davis, mission to marzipan icecream, motorcycles, movies, music, my tantra chair, national geographic, nature, night-time, old missionaries, over-stuffed armchairs, pablo neruda, paul weller, pears, pedicures, picnics, piercings, plums, poetry, prometheus unbound, rachael yamagata, rain on the roof, random acts of kindness, reading, rugby, running, sangria, scent of leather-bound books, scented lotions, sex, silk scarves, singing off-key, sleeping beneath the stars, sleeping naked, sparring, spicy food, starbucks peppermint mocha frappuccinos, stargazing, staying-up-all-night-reading, string cheese, supernatural, swimming naked, tattoos, thai food, the beach, the black keys, the civil wars, the history channel, the killers, the moon, the mortal instruments, the smell of books, the smell of rain, the vampire diaries, the walking dead, themed pyjamas, tom waits, travelling, tree climbing, true blood, tryingto makethe worlda betterplace, unrecognised beauty, vampires, vanilla chai tea, w. somerset maugham, watching children play, werewolves, white nectarines, william shakespeare, writing, yoga, yoyo ma, zombie movies, , , ♪♫